Canyon Offshore Wins Glider Burial Contract from Shell

Canyon Offshore Inc., a subsidiary of Cal Dive International has been awarded the Glider Field Flowline Burial Contract by Shell Exploration and Production Company (SEPCo). Glider Field is located in Green Canyon Block 248 in the Gulf of Mexico. The contract work scope includes the trenching and backfill burial of the 6.625-inch (~8 inch OD) Glider flowline to enhance the flow assurance properties of the line. The approximately 32,000-foot line will be buried in 3000 fsw at the Brutus TLP end, and 3,300 fsw at the G4 well location. This makes the Glider project the deepest flowline burial project in the world.

The project is scheduled to begin and to be completed in February. Canyon Offshore will utilize its new T-750 Super-Trencher deployed from the M/V Northern Canyon to perform the trenching and burial operations, and a TRITON XLS work class ROV to conduct survey and post burial survey tasks. In addition, Canyon will also provide all the pre-engineering, survey, project engineering, project management and ROV support associated with the work.

Flowline burial is an accepted Shell flow assurance tool. It has proved effective in previous projects, such as the Angus burial in 1999, in reducing the amount of flowline insulation required, or as an alternative to Pipe in Pipe or bundled flowlines.