Field Tests Underway at Forest Oil's Shannon Estate Lease

Field tests are currently underway on Fugro's portable rock properties analyzer, RoqSCAN™, on Forest Oil Corporation's Shannon Estate lease well in Crockett County. The vertical pilot well is being drilled and key formations cored to a proposed TD of 9,500 ft. by Forest Oil Corporation, in the Wolfcamp shale play of the Permian Basin.

"After extensive laboratory testing, we are confident that the RoqSCAN system will deliver value to our client, on site," said Guy Oliver, Fugro Robertson Director. "We believe that RoqSCAN will create a revolution in real-time well-site mineralogy, unlocking and unleashing the power of the data recovered from the drill cuttings."

The portable RoqSCAN system, pioneered by Fugro Robertson and Carl Zeiss, analyzes wellbore cuttings and core piece samples in high resolution and generates fully intuitive, highly quantitative mineralogical and textural datasets within one hour of cuttings being delivered to the RoqSCAN rig site unit. The data is captured and displayed in the form of a down-hole log.