Lexaria Purchases Producing Oil Assets in Mississippi

Lexaria has acquired certain producing oil assets within its core operating area in Wilkinson County, Mississippi.

Lexaria has purchased all of the 10% gross working interest held by Brinx Resources Ltd, in the Belmont Lake Oil Field and in other oil and gas assets in the area. As a result of this acquisition, Lexaria now owns between 42% and 50% gross working interest in the four producing oil wells at Belmont Lake, and 42% in any future development wells to be drilled therein. At the current time, plans are to drill two more PUD development wells at Belmont Lake this season, subject to a number of conditions.

Basic terms for the acquisition of the 10% gross working interest in the Belmont Lake Oil Field and assorted other nearby oil and gas assets, are a purchase price of $400,000 of which $200,000 is paid, and another $200,000 payment is due by November 12, 2011; and the issuance of 800,000 shares of restricted common stock of Lexaria Corp.

"This acquisition will produce an immediate increase in our oil revenue, and an increase in our proved oil reserves," said Chris Bunka, President of Lexaria Corp. "It is sensible for us to increase our ownership in the Belmont Lake oil field where we have built a wealth of knowledge and experience in recent years, as we prepare to leverage that knowledge."