OGX Intensifies Appraisal Campaign; Posts 2Q Loss

OGX announced its results for the second quarter of 2011. The financial and operating data is presented on a consolidated basis in accordance with the international financial reporting standards (IFRS) issued by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB), and in Reais, except where otherwise indicated.

"We remain focused on executing our business plan, which has advanced significantly as we have intensified our appraisal campaign and performed additional drill-stem tests, all of which are essential in converting our resources into reserves. With the recent bond issuance as well as the significant progress made in the past three months, we are not only technically but financially prepared to proceed towards production," commented Mr. Paulo Mendonça, General Executive Officer and Exploration Officer for OGX.

From the perspective of our drilling campaign, highlights of the second quarter include the drilling of 11 appraisal wells in the Campos Basin and 2 in the Parnaíba Basin, two successful drill-stem tests performed in horizontal wells in the Campos Basin and the declaration of commerciality for two fields in the Parnaíba basin, confirming our projections and attesting to the excellent execution of our business plan. In addition, we drilled wildcat wells that continue to demonstrate the great potential of our portfolio.

With respect to the commencement of production, important steps have been achieved in the past three months including the arrival of the newly built vessel Aker Wayfarer which will be used throughout the system installation, as well as the final stage of commissioning for the FPSO OSX -1. In addition, the construction of the turret, a disconnectable buoy which is part of the OSX-1 mooring system, has been completed and is already in the mobilization process to Brazil.

Second Quarter Highlights and Subsequent Events:

  • Intensification of the appraisal campaign in Waimea (OGX-50D, OGX-53D and OGX-55HP), Waikiki (OGX-41D, OGX-44HP and OGX-45D), Pipeline (OGX-39HP, OGX-40D, OGX-42D and OGX-48D), Illimani (OGX-43D) and Fuji (OGX-54D and OGX-56D) accumulations located in the Campos Basin;
  • Declaration of commerciality for the California and Fazenda São José accumulations in the Parnaíba Basin, for which the newly designations are Gavião Azul and Gavião Real Fields;
  • Performance of drill-stem test for the first horizontal well (OGX-44HP) in the Waikiki accumulation, with excellent results;
  • Important discoveries in the Parnaíba basin through the drilling of wells OGX-38 and OGX-46D;
  • Significant discoveries in the Santos basin through the drilling of wells OGX-30 and OGX-47;
  • Performance of a drill-stem test for the first horizontal well (OGX-39HP) in the Pipeline accumulation with very good results;
  • Initiated drilling of well OGX-55HP, the second horizontal well in the Waimea accumulation;
  • Raised US $2.563 billion through a bond issuance; and
  • Announcement of the Company's business plan for discoveries in the Campos and Parnaíba Basins.

Campos Basin

Among the activities performed in the second quarter of 2011 in Campos Basin we can highlight the intensification of the successful appraisal campaign, the results of drill-stem tests in Waikiki and Pipeline accumulations, the drilling of wildcat wells, and the arrival and preparation of equipment for the start-up of production. On June 6, we formally announced our business plan relating to discoveries made in the basin.

During the quarter we intensified our appraisal campaign in the Waimea, Waikiki, Pipeline, Illimani and Fuji accumulations. In Waimea, we concluded the drilling of well OGX-50D encountering a hydrocarbon zone with 52 meters of net pay in the Albian section. In addition, we initiated the drilling of wells OGX-53D and OGX-55HP, which are still ongoing. In the Waikiki accumulation, we have concluded the OGX-41D, OGX-44HP and OGX-45D wells. The directional well OGX-41D found a net pay of 92 meters in the Albian section and was the pilot well for OGX-44HP, which was horizontally drilled for more than 1,000 meters in Albian-Cenomanian reservoirs. The well OGX-45D, which was intended to test the limits of the Waikiki accumulation, discovered hydrocarbons only in the Maastrichtian section, indicating an additional potential in sandstone reservoirs which extend towards the Ingá-Peró Complex. In the Pipeline accumulation, wells OGX-39HP, OGX-40D, OGX-42D and OGX-48 were drilled, identifying the presence of hydrocarbons in the Albian section with net pays of more than 1,000 (horizontal column), 107, 82 and 12 meters, respectively. In the Illimani accumulation, we have concluded well OGX-43D which confirmed the extent of the reservoirs in the Albian section and identified a net pay of 50 meters. Finally, we began the drilling of wells OGX-54D and OGX-56D in the Fuji accumulation, both of which are still in progress.

Additionally, we obtained the results of the drill-stem tests in horizontal wells OGX-39HP and OGX-44HP in the Pipeline and Waikiki accumulations, respectively. The test in well OGX-39HP, which is the first horizontal well in the Pipeline accumulation, indicated good reservoir conditions, implying a production capacity of around 10,000 barrels per day and oil of approximately 19° API. The test in well OGX-44HP identified oil of approximately 23° API and a production potential of 40,000 barrels per day, which will be limited to a flow rate of 15,000 to 20,000 barrels per day per well to optimize oil recovery from the reservoir.

Continuing with our wildcat drilling campaign, well OGX-33 was drilled in the Chimborazo accumulation and identified a net pay of 42 meters in the Albian section. We have also drilled well OGX-52 in the Tambora accumulation, which has identified a net pay of 96 meters in the Albian section and we have initiated OGX-58DP well also in this accumulation that is still ongoing.

The commencement of OGX's production is scheduled for October/November this year in the Campos Basin. The first project in the Waimea Complex will take place through an Extended Well Test (EWT) and will have an anticipated production of up to 20,000 barrels per day from well OGX-26HP.

All of the critical equipment for the start-up of production has been secured. The wet christmas tree and the electric submersible pumping system are already installed and other equipment such as flexible lines, moorings and piles (which are part of the FPSO mooring system) and the installation vessel have already been delivered. The FPSO OSX-1 is ready in the shipyard in Singapore and the turret (a buoy, part of the mooring system) is in the mobilization process to Brazil.

Parnaíba Basin

During this quarter, we made important discoveries in this basin and presented to the ANP declarations of commerciality for the Gavião Azul and Gavião Real fields. The development plans for these fields have already been submitted by OGX, who are still in the process of analyzing them.

We concluded the drilling of four wells, including two wildcat wells, OGX-34 and OGX-46D, and two appraisal wells, OGX-38 and OGX-51DP, which identified net pays of 23, 15, 43 and 8 meters, respectively, in the Devonian section. We also started the drilling of wildcat well, OGX-49, and appraisal well, OGX-57, which are still in progress.

Following the seismic campaign in this basin, we engaged a second seismic team during the quarter to focus on the southern blocks, while the first team remains focused on seismic in the northern blocks.

The Gavião Azul and Gavião Real fields will be the first natural gas fields developed by OGX. We expect that gas production in this basin will start in the second half of 2012, as announced in our business plan for the discoveries made in this basin. We estimate that these fields will reach a production level of 5.7 million m3/day in 2013, which corresponds to total production of 1.1 Tcf of gas. Natural gas produced in the region is expected to be the supply source for thermoelectric power plants to be built by MPX Energia SA, an EBX Group company, in association with Petra Energia SA, both of which are partners with OGX in this basin.

MPX has entered into a term sheet with Bertin Energia e Participações to acquire two projects, which are still awaiting ANEEL's approval, that have the authorization for the construction of thermoelectric power plants with a total capacity of 660 MW. MPX intends to transfer these licenses acquired in the A-5 auction in 2008 to the Parnaíba Thermoelectric Complex, where it already has a prior installation license to implement 3,722 MW. This acquisition represents an important step in the integration of natural gas production provided by OGX Maranhão, to power generation in the Parnaíba Basin.

We have recently approved the leasing agreement of two additional onshore drilling rigs for the production development plan in Parnaíba Basin.

Santos Basin

In the second quarter of 2011, we continued our exploratory campaign and achieved important results testing classic targets and new geological models. We have concluded the drilling of well OGX-30, which confirmed a new play in fractured carbonates in the Albian age, showing a significant gas column and a large structured area. This discovery enabled us to confirm this new geological model for the region so that we can begin the appraisal campaign.

The recent discovery in sandstones in the Santonian age in well OGX-47, in the Maceió accumulation, contributed significantly to the development of our assets in this region and, when combined with the discoveries already made in the basin, will generate greater economies of scale and cost-effectiveness. We intend to focus on the appraisal campaign and proceed with the development of the production model for the region.

OGX currently has nine rigs at its disposal, including six semi-submersible rigs, two onshore rigs and one jack-up for drilling in the Campos, Santos, Parnaíba and Pará-Maranhão basins. Eight rigs are in operation and one is currently being mobilized.