Petro Vista Commences Testing at Morichito Discovery

Petro Vista provided the following operational update.

Morichito Block, Colombia - M5 Discovery

The Company has commenced testing from the previously announced Morichito discovery in Colombia. The M-5 well was re-entered and now has flow rates of up to 700 barrels of 22.5 degrees API crude oil per day utilizing a hydraulic jet pump from perforations in the lower Carbonera C7 zone at 5900-5902 feet. The well is currently being shut in for pressure buildup which will determine long term optimal production rate.

Originally drilled in March 2010, the M-5 previously tested two zones in the Carbonera C7 Formation and identified a third potential pay zone in the Carbonera C1 from logs and sidewall cores.

The third zone, a Carbonera C1 sand, exhibited good porosity and oil shows in sidewall cores but was not tested and will be evaluated at a later date.

Currently installed early production infrastructure has storage capacity of 2,000 barrels of crude. The infrastructure and includes four test tanks and two frac tanks with a total capacity of 3,000 barrels primary three-phase crude separation and emergency flare systems. Once the test and the pressure build up have been completed, the Company expects to commence operations intended to establish long-term production including upgrading the access road, which is expected to be completed before year-end.

Morichito Block, Colombia - M5B Exploration / Appraisal Well

Also as previously announced, the Company has drilled a second well (M5B) on the Morichito structure which had good oil shows and indications of petrophysical pay in several zones including the Carbonera C7 zone productive downdip. Due to a failed cement job, the well was not able to be properly tested. Discussions are underway with the cementing contractor to either redrill or sidetrack this well at the contractor's cost. Testing of these prospective zones will be commenced once this has been completed.

The Company currently holds a 50% participating interest in the Morichito discovery.

Block SSJN-5, Colombia

At the SSJN-5 block the operator, SK Energy, has sent Petro Vista the final field report from a 500 square kilometer 3D seismic program completed earlier this year. Processing of the survey is nearing completion. Initial studies indicate the data quality is very good and has confirmed the prospectivity of the area. The Company expects final data to be received by the end of August at which time a final interpretation will be completed. The Company holds a 25% working interest in this license. Petroamerica Oil Corp, which farmed in to half of the Company's original 50% interest in the block in turn for a carry of all costs associated with the seismic program, has until September 9, 2011 to exercise its option to acquire Petro Vista's remaining 25% interest in SSJN-5 for a payment of US$ 3,000,000 and the grant of an option to purchase common shares in the capital of Petroamerica having an aggregate value of US$3 million, with the price per share being 20% higher than the 30 day weighted average closing price immediately prior to date on which Petroamerica exercises its option to acquire the remaining 25% participating interest.

La Maye Block, Colombia

At the La Maye block the rainy season has again affected activities of the operator, New Horizon Energy. Plans to complete the apparent Noelia-1 well discovery that was drilled during the fourth quarter 2009 and to drill the license's Phase II commitment well have been delayed due to significant flooding. The operator has been attempting to test the well, but the area remains flooded. Colombia's Ministry of Environment has notified partners in the license that any further work regarding the required environmental license will only begin once the flooding subsides. The Company holds a 25% working interest in this license.

VMM-13 Block, Colombia

The Company has received confirmation from the Colombian National Hydrocarbon Agency that it will grant the Company's request to nullify the license associated with this area. Initially awarded during the ANH Mini-Round in 2008, all efforts were put on hold when it was discovered there were two national parks covering approximately 75% of the land area and 100% of the prospective area of the license.

Tartaruga Block, Brazil

The Company is awaiting approval by the Brazilian National Hydrocarbon Authority on Petro Vista's application to become a partner in the Tartaruga production license. At the Tartaruga producing field, the operator, UPP Petroleo do Brasil, is finalizing completion of additional production facilities including a new separator that is expected to enhance the productive capability of the field. A special valve has also been installed which will allow constant injection of solvent into the wellbore to inhibit buildup of paraffin which has caused production problems on the 7-TTG-1DP-SES well. Once completed, this well should be capable of producing at least 500 barrels of oil per day consistently.

Additionally, the operator is planning a workover of the older production well in the field, the SES-107D. This well is currently producing a few days per month, but it is expected that the workover will allow daily production at rates of 100-150 barrels of oil per day.

Plans are being developed to drill up to three additional wells in the field, including a deep test of a Serreria pool.

Colombia and Brazil continue to be key focus areas for Petro Vista for production and reserve growth and the Morichito production will compliment the current production from Tartaruga in Brazil. We remain committed to our efforts in Colombia in the Morichito Block as well as our remaining assets.