Oilex: Second Stage in Cambay's Frac Stimulation Program Underway

Oilex advised that the first stage of the large volume multi-stage fracture stimulation program of the horizontal Cambay-76H well has been completed successfully and the second stage is now underway.

The fracture stimulation program comprises eight stages with two fracture initiation points per stage. After completion of the fracture stimulation program the well will be flowed to surface to remove stimulation fluids from the well bore (well clean-up phase) and then a flow test will be conducted.

The Cambay-76H "proof of concept" horizontal well is evaluating the production potential of the Y Zone interval of the extensive Eocene "tight" reservoirs in the onshore Cambay Production Sharing Contract ("PSC"), Gujarat, India.

  • Report date: August 2, 2011
  • Status: Conducting fracture stimulation operations
  • Past Week's Operations
    • Rigging up fracture stimulation equipment
    • Testing wellhead equipment, replace faulty high pressure valves
    • Prepare well bore and conduct mini fracture stimulation test prior to first stage large volume fracture stimulation
  • Objective: Cambay Eocene "tight" reservoir Y Zone
  • Total Depth: 2,740 meters including 610 meters horizontal section

The participating interests in the Cambay PSC are:

  • Oilex Ltd (Operator) 30%
  • Oilex NL Holdings (India) Limited 15%
  • Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation Ltd 55%