Polarcus to Start Multi-Client Survey in Barents Sea

Polarcus will commence acquisition imminently of a 3D multi-client project over the Bjarmeland Platform in the Barents Sea, offshore Norway. The project, with the potential to cover an area of up to 1,100 square kilometers, is supported through strong industry pre-funding. The survey will be acquired by the vessel POLARCUS SAMUR and is expected to take up to 60 days depending on final program size. Data processing will be undertaken by GX Technology, the imaging solutions group of ION Geophysical. A preliminary dataset will be available within one month after completion of acquisition, with delivery of the final migrated data volume expected to take place within February 2012.

The Bjarmeland Platform 3D multi-client survey, designed in conjunction with GeoPartners and MoVa, targets an area of the Barents Sea currently witnessing a resurgence of exploration interest. The survey is located in the south eastern part of the platform where two small oil and gas discoveries located in blocks 7124 and 7125 on the Nyslepp Fault Complex were drilled in the late eighties by Saga Petroleum. These wells proved the presence of hydrocarbon bearing sandstones with good reservoir properties in the Late Triassic/Early Jurassic formation of the Kapp Toscana Group.