BGP Wraps Up Seismic Acquisition for Saudi Aramco

BGP Crew 8652 announced the successful completion of the S53 3D TZ seismic survey for Saudi Aramco with a total workload of 1876 km2 3D, as well as a remarkable achievement of 3.5 million man-hour without LTI.

The project area, located on the east coast of Saudi Arabia, comprises terrains of desert, Gobi, seasonal lakes, and shallow water, along with infrastructures of industrial facilities, airport, oilfields, wharfs, offshore exploration platforms, plus convoluted subsea pipelines throughout the entire area. The complex surface conditions, coupled with a large number of workers and equipments had presented unparalleled challenge to engender a safe operation while meeting the client expectations.

The S53 project team integrated three different types of energy sources being vibroseis, explosives and air guns, to best accommodate different working terrains, and yet it is able to complete the project in 18 months almost five months ahead of schedule.

Without saying, this extraordinary accomplishment is the synergetic effort from all members of Crew 8652, supported by the unwavering commitment from BGP headquarters.