Treaty: Drilling Rig Arrived in Belize

Treaty reported the Drilling Rig and support equipment have arrived in the port of entry in Belize.

Stephen L. York, President and COO of Treaty Energy Corporation, stated, "All the equipment shipped by sea last week has arrived safely at the port of entry in Belize and we have arranged for our toolpusher/rig manager and drilling supervisor, W D Harden to arrive in Belize and be on site to supervise the un-loading and reassembly of the rig."

Mr. York added, "In addition to reassembling the rig Mr. Harden and Treaty Belize Energy employees will be coordinating services with third party companies related to the drilling of our initial well sites and securing all our equipment to their proper locations. Today Treaty Energy has moved one step closer to implementing our drilling program to extract commercial grade quantities of oil in Belize."

In summary, the equipment in this shipment to Belize by sea out of Mobile, Alabama included the following: Drilling Rig, Bulldozer, Backhoe, Fuel Truck, and 28 foot Flat Bed Truck.