American Petro-Hunter Outlines Upcoming Drilling in Ok.

American Petro-Hunter provided an outline of plans for the next two wells to be drilled at the Company's field development program at the North Oklahoma Project. These next wells in the series have been designated as NOS-2-22 and NOW-2H.

Preparations are now underway to commence drilling of the NOS-2-22 well with a scheduled spud date in approximately 2 weeks. The well is a direct offset to the producing NOS-1-22 well and has been engineered as a 3,500 foot vertical to exploit the productive oil bearing sand formation discovered in previous drilling. This is the first of potentially 3 offsets planned on this particular lease. With production facilities already in place, the drilling is hoped to add an additional 50 BPOD net to the Company by September. An exact spud date will be announced shortly.

The NOW-2H is scheduled as the second upcoming well and is a direct offset to the producing NOM-1H horizontal at the Company's Ripley leases. The well is slated to commence drilling in early September and will include a similar lateral targeting the newly discovered Mississippi reservoir.

As previously announced, American Petro-Hunter has locked in participation on an additional 11 horizontal wells at the Ripley Leases and the NOW-2H is the first of these to be drilled under the development program which is envisioned to involve the drilling of approximately one horizontal Mississippi well every 30 to 60 days. This judicious schedule would allow for a predictable time frame to drill, complete and emplace production facilities for both oil and gas sales every other month.