PYR Energy's West Flank Well Comes Up Dry

PYR Energy Corporation announced that the ELH #3R West Flank wildcat exploration well that targeted a separate structure from the productive East Lost Hills feature has been tested and determined to be non-productive. The well will be temporarily abandoned pending full evaluation of ongoing activities and field development. No additional testing of the well is planned at this time.

The #3R West Flank well was designed to test the Temblor interval in a seismically defined structural feature that is separate and distinct from the East Lost Hills structure currently producing from the ELH #1 well. The #3R well was drilled to a total measured depth of 21,769 feet. Analysis of 3D seismic data, currently in processing, should provide additional data to determine if any other locations may be present which allow the drilling of a more structurally optimal location to test the West Flank feature.

During the drilling of the #3R well, hydrocarbon shows were encountered in Temblor section, and gas was flared on a number of occasions from the shale underlying the lower Temblor. Due to steep dips encountered in the lower portion of the well, it was determined that the underlying secondary objective, the Point of Rocks formation, could not be reached in the existing wellbore. The well was plugged back to 19,370 feet measured depth for testing of the lower Temblor. Communication was established with the formation during testing with no recovery of hydrocarbons resulting.