Circle Oil Completes Al Amir Water Injector Well

Circle Oil announced the following update regarding the Al Amir SE-8X water injection well together with details on the imminent drilling of Geyad-5X, a water injector, to support production in the Geyad Field.

Al Amir SE-8X

Al Amir SE-8X, located to the south-west of the Al Amir SE-1X ST discovery well in the Al Amir Development Lease, was drilled to 10,750 ft MD in the Upper Rudeis. The main objective for this well was to appraise the Shagar and Rahmi sandstones of the Kareem Formation in a downdip location and to provide water injection to support oil production from the updip Al Amir SE field wells.The Shagar sands were encountered from 10,329 to 10,353 ft MD with 24 ft MD of net reservoir and up to 15% porosity. The Rahmi sands were encountered from 10,404 to 10,432 ft MD with 8 ft MD of net reservoir and up to 10% porosity. Both sands were found to be water bearing, below the field oil-water contact. Interpretation of formation pressure test results from both sands indicates communication with the updip producers and good potential for successful water injection. The well has been completed as an injector in the Rahmi sands, with the option to add the Shagar injection under a rigless operation at a later date.


The rig has now been mobilized to drill the water injector well Geyad-5X, located on the western flank of the Geyad field, downdip of the Geyad - 3X and Geyad-1XST producers. The well is planned to appraise both the Shagar and Rahmi sands for injection.

The NW Gemsa Concession, containing the Al Amir and Geyad Development Leases, covering an area of over 260 square kilometers, lies about 300 kilometers southeast of Cairo in a partially unexplored area of the Gulf of Suez Basin. The concession agreement includes the right of conversion to a production license of 20 years, plus extensions, in the event of commercial discoveries. The NW Gemsa Concession partners include: Vegas Oil and Gas (50% interest and operator); Circle Oil Plc (40% interest); and Sea Dragon Energy (10% interest).

Prof Chris Green, CEO, said, "I am pleased to report another successful result as the partnership's plans in NW Gemsa remain on schedule. The rig now has now moved to start drilling the first injector well on the Geyad field as part of the development plan to increase production rates for the medium and long term."