ProSep Introduces Seawater Treatment, Water Injection Systems

ProSep announced the launch of its customized seawater treatment and water injection offering, further completing the Company's portfolio of process solutions. ProSep is now one of the few companies that can provide the oil & gas industry with treatment equipment at every stage of upstream processing.

"Our Seawater Treatment and Water Injection subject matter experts now offer our clients in-house expertise in conventional solutions which involve the use of media filters as well as in the latest technology of Ultrafiltration (UF) membranes. In the context of increasingly challenging production environments, this is a promising addition to ProSep's extensive range of technologies as water injection is a key process to stimulate oil recovery and we estimate this market's annual value to represent approximately $500 Million," said Jacques L. Drouin, President & CEO.

Water injection is mainly used for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), allowing for increased production in wells that are nearing the end of their primary production life. Prior to being injected, seawater is treated by removing contaminants and oxygen. ProSep's seawater treatment and water injection equipment requires low maintenance while providing high removal efficiency. Due to its compact size, it represents an ideal solution for offshore applications. ProSep can provide complete design, fabrication, and start-up support to meet customer requirements.