DMTI Unveils New Business Unit

Delta Marine Technology, Inc. (DMTI) has opened a new business unit, Construction Division. Previously known for its work in offshore environments, DMTI has begun constructing oil & gas gathering pipelines using a combination of prudent engineering, extensive construction backgrounds, and innovative techniques. DMTI has been awarded a construction contract with Ballard Natural Gas, Inc. to install more than 15,500 feet of 4" pipe to tie its De Zavalla #1 well to a 12" gas transmission pipeline owned and operated by Kinder Morgan Texas Pipeline, LLC. This new pipeline right-of-way (ROW) will lie entirely within a heavily populated and industrialized region of Channelview, Texas. Construction will involve both trenching and directional drilling (HDD) depending conditions encountered along the ROW.

Work began on July 12th and it is anticipated that the project will be completed in three weeks using the approach being employed by DMTI. This target represents a 50% reduction in Ballard's construction schedule and easily achievable if no delays are due to unforeseen weather conditions occur. The net result will be that the well will begin producing income for its owners much sooner than expected. In addition to the construction, the project includes the design and installation of a cathodic protection system along with complete pigging, hydro-testing, and drying until the pipeline meets a -20 F Criteria prior to commissioning the system.

DMTI's Onshore Construction Division will be actively gearing up to be able to handle some of the similar needs for other companies. This business unit will be based out of DMTI's offices in Montgomery, Texas.