GL Noble Denton Bags Gig for Queensland Curtis LNG Proj.

QGC has selected GL Noble Denton to provide verification services for the development of the Queensland Curtis Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) project, which is expected to supply more than 8.5 million tonnes of LNG per annum through the development of two
LNG trains.

GL Noble Denton's experts will oversee the pipeline construction portion of the project over a two-year period. The company will supply
inspection services for the installation of the 540 kilometer underground line between natural gas fields in Australia's Surat Basin
and a natural gas liquefaction plant on Curtis Island near Gladstone on Queensland's coast.

The quality assurance and control contract was awarded to GL Noble Denton following the successful completion of an in-depth study into the production capacity of the LNG plant design that will be built on Curtis Island. GL Noble Denton used its in-house Monte Carlo simulation software, OPTAGON to provide a holistic assessment of the ability of the LNG plant to meet its intended use. The model also identifies equipment criticality and their contributions to unplanned downtime, and has provided results that have added significant strategic and operational value to the project.

Richard Bailey, GL Noble Denton's Executive Vice President for Asia Pacific said, "The Queensland Curtis LNG project is one of the
Australian oil and gas industry's most exciting developments to date. It will help define the country as a leading producer and exporter of
natural gas, and we are delighted to play a role its development.

"Demand for GL Noble Denton's services has increased considerably in Australia over the past year, as operators continue to unlock the
significant potential of the natural resources available on- and offshore the country."