Treaty Finalizes C&C Acquisition

Treaty Energy has fully paid off the acquisition of C&C Petroleum Management LLC.

Andrew V. Reid, Chairman and CEO of Treaty Energy Corporation, commented, "As of June 25, 2011, the C&C Petroleum Management LLC, acquisition was paid in full. We are all excited here at Treaty that we could accomplish the payoff of this acquisition eight months early and ahead of schedule. The $600,000 purchase price of C&C Petroleum was paid utilizing a combination of cash and stock. I am very pleased to have paid this acquisition off in the second quarter."

Mr. Reid commented further, "Our team at Treaty Energy continues to work diligently and earnestly to accomplish dramatic improvements in our company's net worth and operating profits, and this early payoff of the C&C acquisition and numerous other positive financial events will be reflected in our soon to be announced 2Q results."

Finally, Mr. Reid commented, "Treaty Energy stakeholders will see remarkable improvements in every aspect of our company over the balance of this year."