SeaBird Secures LOI for 2D/3D Surveys in Far East

SeaBird provided a contract update regarding its business activities.

After completing half of her multi client survey in the Gulf of Mexico mid April, Osprey Explorer, will from mid July continue her multi-client survey following dry dock and standby waiting on environmental and other governmental approvals. This survey will be completed end August. Management expects cost recovery during the survey period including standby time with potential uplift following sales of survey data in the second half of 2011. She will then immediately mobilize for her previously reported survey in South America until early December 2011.

After completion of her current survey in South Africa around mid July, Northern Explorer will immediately mobilize for West Africa following an award for a survey with expected completion end September 2011 and thereafter commence a short survey through to end October.

SeaBird has received Letter of Awards for 2 further contracts for 2D/3D surveys in Far East, with expected completion January 2012.

These contracts have a combined value of about US $25-30 million. In addition, the harrier Explorer is continuing on her long term charter with PGS to mid September 2011.

CEO, Tim Isden, commented, "We are encouraged by the increase in volume and continuity in the 2D and low end 3D market. In addition we experience slightly firmer rates. SeaBird has a high quality fleet and an excellent reputation with clients, and this brings a higher expectation of awards. To date in 2011, SeaBird has reported contracts worth around US $70 million with potential MC sales uplift above that figure."