Rodinia Drills Ahead at Mulyawara Well

Rodinia reported that Mulyawara-1 exploration well in the Officer Basin of South Australia has set surface casing and is drilling ahead to target formations.

Progress and Plan

Mulyawara-1 has reached a depth of 795 meters with surface casing set at 465 meters in the Dey Dey Mudstone. The well will commence intersecting prospective target formations below the Dey Dey Mudstone, which acts as the upper regional seal in the Officer Basin.

"To date, I am pleased with the rates of penetration into this very hard surface section," stated Paul Bennett, President and Chief Executive Officer of Rodinia. "Our plan is to continue drilling ahead using the air hammer drilling technique as far as possible and if necessary, switch to rotary drilling should penetration become too difficult."

Mulyawara-1 is located in the northwest corner of PEL 253 in the Officer Basin on a structure of approximately 36.3 square kilometers (per horizon) in size as identified on seven separate 2-D seismic lines. It will be drilled vertically to an estimated total drilling depth of 2,700 meters to test five prospective reservoir horizons: Murnaroo, Tarlina, Mundallio, Emeroo and Pindyin, the deepest of which is the aeolian Pindyin sandstone (also called the sub-salt unit).

As Mulyawara-1 is entering the prospective target formations, management of Rodinia has imposed an operational trading blackout on all officers, employees, directors and consultants until the results of the exploration well are made public at the conclusion of drilling and preliminary evaluation.

Rodinia expects to issue the next drilling update report once Mulyawara-1 has reached total depth early August 2011, unless a material event occurs in the interim.