ABB Wins Contract on Oseberg Field Center

Hydro has signed a letter of intent with ABB Offshore Systems for the modification on Oseberg Field Center in connection with the link-up of the satellite field Vestflanken. The contract includes design, purchasing, planning, prefabrication and installations on Oseberg Field Center. Vestflanken is a satellite field situated 10 kilometers west of the field center.

The contract is worth around NOK 160 million.

The project will start immediately and will be completed in September 2005. Production will continue as normal, apart from a short period of planned maintenance shutdown.

Oseberg Field Center

The Oseberg field includes three platforms, Oseberg A, B and D, connected to one another with bridges, in the south part of the Oseberg field, and the Oseberg C platform, which lies 14 kilometers north of Oseberg A, B and D (collectively referred to as the Oseberg Field Center) which is located in the Norwegian Sector of the North Sea.

Oseberg A is a concrete base platform with process equipment and living quarters, while Oseberg B sits atop a steel jacket and has drilling, production and injection equipment.

Oseberg D is a steel platform with gas processing and export equipment. It was connected to the Field Center with a bridge in 1999. Oseberg C is an integrated drilling, accommodation and production platform with a steel jacket.

Gas export started from the Oseberg Field Center on October 1, 2000. This represented the beginning of a new era for the Oseberg field and for Hydro as an offshore operator.