GDI Buys Ensco Jackup

Gulf Drilling International has purchased from ENSCO Offshore the jackup drilling rig known as ENSCO 95 on June 22. The rig is a 3 legged Hitachi cantilevered drilling rig rated for 250 feet of water depth. GDI are most satisfied with the fine cooperation and support that ENSCO has extended to make this transaction possible. This is not GDI's first encounter with Ensco as the Al-Rayyan jack-up rig (formerly the ENSCO 55) was acquired from them back in 2005.

GDI will have a full Special Survey performed prior to placing the rig into service in order to obtain a new Class Certificate. This will necessitate the rig being put into shipyard for a 3 to 4 month period where major refurbishment will be done. The rig will be deployed for operating in Qatari waters on completion.