BG Group Signs MOU with Bank of China for $1.5B Funding

BG Group and Bank of China have signed a key cooperation agreement that enhances the existing close working relationship between the organizations and also allows for up to $1.5 billion of new funding options to support the Group's major growth program.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed today builds upon existing commercial relationships between BG Group and Bank of China and confirms the intention to make extended credit facilities available that can be used to help deliver the Group's global growth plans - including its operations in China where the Group has an established commercial presence and where an initial offshore exploration program is underway.

The MOU also identifies other areas of potential cooperation including investment banking services, derivatives products, bank deposits, insurance and international settlement and trade finance facilities. Separately, BG Group already has a US$200m lending facility in place with Bank of China which is just one of a series of committed lending facilities that the company has with a group of international banks. These lending facilities in aggregate have been recently increased and extended and now total US$4.4 billion.

On signing the MOU with the Chairman of the Bank of China Gang Xiao, BG Group Chief Executive Sir Frank Chapman said, "This is a significant agreement for BG Group. It affirms and enhances our existing excellent relationship with the Bank of China. BG Group has a well established presence in China as a result of our LNG sales into this valuable and rapidly growing market, through a long-term sales and equity agreement with CNOOC in our QCLNG project in Australia, and with an extensive exploration program offshore China that has already produced a discovery.

"This agreement builds on our existing facilities with Bank of China and provides the option for substantial additional funding for our commitments in China and also our global growth program."