Treaty Buys Equipment for Belize Drilling Proj.

Treaty announced the purchase of several pieces of machinery that will be sent to Belize in early July.

Andrew V. Reid, Chairman and CEO of Treaty Energy Corporation, stated, "The major piece of equipment that we have purchased is a much larger drilling rig that is capable of drilling to depths of 6500 feet. We will post pictures of this new rig along with its specifications to the Treaty Energy website in a few days."

Mr. Reid stated, "The reason for this purchase was two fold: first, the Schramm 450 Drilling Rig originally purchased to go to Belize will need more work than our time line permits. That rig will be used in Texas when refurbishment is completed; and second, current studies by Treaty's group of geologists, well locators, and satellite surveyors suggest the possibility that deeper pay zones could exist and this rig will be capable of exploring those deeper pay zones at a later time, after the more shallow wells are drilled and producing."

Mr. Reid went on to say, "We have acquired equipment for well pad construction and road construction to the well sites. This equipment consists of: a New Holland B95 Backhoe; and a 2006 D4G Caterpillar Bulldozer. The final purchase is a crew truck to replace the rental vehicle that has been used over the past months. This vehicle is a Chevrolet Duramax Diesel Crew Cab 4WD Pick Up."

Treaty indicated that all of the above equipment will be shipped by sea to Belize out of Mobile Alabama with a planned departure date of July 10, 2011. The shipment will go directly to Belize with a scheduled travel time of five days.

In conclusion Mr. Reid stated, "Because of the rapid pace of events in Belize, our stakeholders can expect frequent updates on this project as all such updates are now becoming extremely important."