HRT Commences Drilling in Solimoes Basin

HRT's subsidiary has spud its second exploration well, location 1-HRT-169/01-AM, codified by the National Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuel Agency - ANP as 1-HRT-2-AM. Drilling began on June 21 at 10:30 p.m.

This well is being drilled in the contingent resource structure called Jatobá (JOB), located in the Northeast portion of Block SOL-T-169, in the Sedimentary Basin of Solimões, in order to test the Western extension of the structural high already tested in the past by well 1-JOB-01-AM, which revealed the presence of gas in the Juruá Formation. Based on the results of previous wells, HRT expects to find in this well at least two hydrocarbon intervals: (1) The Lower Juruá Formation sandstones (Carboniferous age) and; (2) the Uerê Formation sandstones (Devonian Age), the discovery of gas being more likely to occur in the Carboniferous reservoirs and in the Devonian oil reservoirs.

This second well is located in the Municipal District of Tefé, in the State of Amazonas, and is being drilled by the QGVIII drill of Queiroz Galvão, with a forecast to reach final depth at around 3,500 meters.

HRT holds 55% participating interest in 21 exploration blocks in the Sedimentary Basin of Solimões, covering an area of approximately 48.5 thousand km2, where 52 prospects have been mapped and certified and 11 discoveries were classified as contingent resources.

Still in the month of June, it is expected that well 1-HRT-168/01-AM be spud-in. This well will be drilled in the structure mapped and classified as contingent resource called Gavião (GAV), located in the municipal district of Carauari.