EPL Renews Services Agreement With Object Reservoir

Energy Partners, Ltd. has renewed its contract with Object Reservoir for Dynamic Reservoir Characterization (TM) (DRC(TM)) services. Object Reservoir's services are focused on EPL properties in the Gulf of Mexico Continental Shelf.

Object Reservoir's technology-enabled DRC service and process has been used by EPL to characterize reservoir behavior and resources early in its exploration and development programs. The process supports EPL in developing highly precise and predictive reservoir models.

"Object Reservoir's process has helped us to quickly evaluate both our existing exploration drills and prospective development drills. We have found that we are able to undertake a more comprehensive analysis, looking at the range of possible interpretations and converging on the most likely model that supports the geological, geophysical, engineering and production data. We can do this early and with increased confidence," said T.J. Thom, EPL Director of Corporate Reserves.

"We are especially pleased about this contract renewal and our ongoing relationship with EPL, a leading exploration and production company in the Gulf of Mexico Continental Shelf," said Gene Ennis, CEO and President of Object Reservoir.