FX Energy Announces Zaniemysl-3 Well is Commercial

FX Energy reports that the Zaniemysl-3 exploratory well in the Fences I project area in Poland encountered approximately 38 net meters (125 feet) of porous gas bearing Rotliegend sandstone. During a drill stem test of the top 18 meters of the structure the well flowed at a controlled rate of approximately 12.5 million cubic feet of gas per day. Together with its partners, the Polish and Gas Company (POGC) and CalEnergy Gas, the Company is evaluating how to best produce and exploit the Zaniemysl structure. Further analysis of the core, log and pressure data will be required before reserve numbers can be established.

"This commercial discovery is obviously an exciting step for the Company and its shareholders. While bringing this well into production is important, we are focused on the upcoming drilling projects on the Sroda and Rusocin exploratory prospects in our Fences II and Fences I project areas. In addition, our technical team is evaluating large portions of the nearly 1.7 million acres where we hold an interest, all of which are located in the same Permian basin where Zaniemysl was drilled," said David Pierce, president of FX Energy.