Well Completion Prog. Underway at American Petro-Hunter's N. Oklahoma Proj.

American Petro-Hunter advised that the well completion program is fully underway and that production testing of the Mississippi oil formation is currently ongoing at the recently drilled NOM1H Horizontal well at the Company's growing North Oklahoma Project. The well is being readied and prepared for the onset of commercial production.

The completion phase of the well, including swab and production testing, is being undertaken in combination with the immediate installation of long term production facilities including a pumping unit, tank battery, ancillary metering and electrical equipment on the lease. The determination to rapidly move forward and complete the production facilities was based on a confident expectation that the Company will be generating oil sales from the lease near the end of June or early July.

A decision to move ahead with a full completion program was initiated when NOM1H reached the engineered T.D. of the 1,600 foot horizontal leg with excellent oil and gas shows encountered in the form of strong oil fluorescence; gassy oil shows and gas kicks along the drilled lateral. Subsequent results have offered continued favorably trending data, and as such, have reinforced the Company's expectations for viable commercial production at the lease.

The NOM1H well is the first of a planned series of horizontal wells designed to test and develop oil and gas in the 100 foot thick limestone Mississippi Formation.