President Requests $282.4 Million For FY 2005 MMS Budget

Budget increases for geologic interpretive tools, online business services and an Indian trust fund initiative are highlights of President Bush's fiscal year 2005 budget request for the Minerals Management Service.

"Improved ways for energy companies to interact online with MMS can ultimately mean more energy that gets more quickly to American businesses, farms and homes," said MMS Director Johnnie Burton. "Through development of a new, online delivery system called OCS Connect, MMS is working diligently to improve its business practices."

A key funding increase of $1.9 million will support digital geologic interpretive tools including a 3-D visualization room, digital well log processing capability and software training, ensuring that MMS maintains technological parity with the private sector. This capability allows MMS to better perform resource evaluations for fair value determinations, resource conservation, and hazards assessments.

An Indian trust initiative of $941,000 will support additional work with tribal cooperative audit partners, increase outreach to tribal partners in general and provide improved safeguards for Indian records. An increase of $305,000 is requested for the States Cooperative Audit program.

The total amount of the fiscal year 2005 budget request for the Minerals Management Service is $282.4 million, which includes an increase of about $12 million over the fiscal year 2004 enacted budget of $270.5 million.

The proposed budget includes $178.7 million in appropriations and $103.7 million in offsetting collections from OCS rents and cost recovery fees, reflecting respective increases of $8.4 million and $3.5 million over the 2004 budget.

Priority projects in the President's 2005 budget request also include the operation of minerals revenue management and royalty-in-kind programs, methane hydrates studies, information technology security and the ever-increasing demand for Outer Continental Shelf energy delivery program services.

MMS is the federal agency in the U.S. Department of the Interior that manages the nation's oil, natural gas, and other mineral resources on the outer continental shelf in federal offshore waters. The agency also collects, accounts for, and disburses mineral revenues from Federal and American Indian lands. Between 1982 and 2003, MMS distributed over $135 billion in revenues from onshore and offshore lands, an average of over $6 billion per year, to the Nation, States and American Indians. Nearly $900 million from those revenues go into the Land and Water Conservation Fund annually for the acquisition and development of State and Federal park and recreation lands.
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