Calvalley to Boost Production in Yemen

Calvalley provided an operational update regarding current production development activities on the Company's Malik Block 9 which is approximately 350 kilometers east of Sana'a, the Capital of the Republic of Yemen.

During the current political unrest in Yemen, Calvalley has continued operations at all key production locations, including the Company's Central Production Facility ("CPF") at the Hiswah Field. The Company also continues to deliver blended crude oil from the Hiswah and Ras Nowmah Fields into the Masila Export Pipeline System ("MEPS") through its newly operational Truck Offloading Facility ("TOF").

As well, Calvalley is proceeding with facilities upgrades at the CPF to improve water handling capacity and to increase overall production through-put. This work priority is on schedule and is in anticipation of both increased production from the Hiswah field and increased blending of crude oil from the Ras Nowmah and Al-Roidhat Fields.

Calvalley is an international oil and gas company, with offices in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, that operates its 50% working interest in Block 9 of the Masila Basin, in The Republic of Yemen. Calvalley also operates its 100% working interest in the Gimbi and Metema Blocks of the Blue Nile Basin, in The Republic of Ethiopia.