Breitling Concludes Ops at Duval County Well

Breitling announced that the Breitling-Diego Garcia #1 in Duval County, Texas is being completed as a possible oil and gas producer after reaching a total vertical depth of 6,250 feet.

The well was subsequently logged by Baker Hughes and based on analysis by Breitling's engineers and geologists as well as Baker Hughes' analysis of the Diego Garcia #1 logs. Chris Faulkner, CEO of Breitling Oil and Gas, said, "We had some good shows through the Pettus and Yegua and the well logs confirmed that."

Baker Hughes Logging Company indicated that the most favorable zones for hydrocarbon production were a Pettus Oil Sand at 5446', gas and oil in an upper Yegua Sand at 5636', and Yegua gas sands at 5703' and 5960'. Laboratory analysis of side wall cores and Formation Testing data confirmed the presence of oil and gas in these formations.