Boots & Coots to Continue Operations in Iraq

Boots & Coots International Well Control it expects to continue its operations under the Restore Iraqi Oil (RIO) program as a subcontractor under KBR, the engineering and construction subsidiary of Halliburton. On January 16, Halliburton confirmed that the US Army Corps of Engineers had awarded KBR a contract to continue its RIO operations in southern Iraq for a period of two years, with three one-year renewal options.

Boots & Coots has provided assistance to KBR in its efforts to restore production in Iraq's southern oilfields since March 2003. Under the new contract, Boots & Coots expects to continue to provide contingency planning for well control emergencies, well control services and assistance in evaluating and restoring Iraq's petroleum infrastructure.

"Our Company's performance and safety record in Iraq has been outstanding and we are honored to have been selected by KBR to assist in restoring the production of Iraq's most important commodity," stated Jerry Winchester, Chief Executive Officer. "Over the next few weeks, we will be coordinating with Halliburton personnel to transition to our duties under the new contract."