Directional Drilling Commenced at North Oklahoma Project

American Petro-Hunter updated the drilling progress of the NOM1H Horizontal well at the Company's North Oklahoma Project.

Directional drilling has now commenced. The K.O.P. (kick off point) has been reached, and the well is now entering the curved section of the hole. The well plan calls for approximately 1,600 feet of lateral to be drilled in the Mississippi formation before reaching a total depth of about 5,300 feet, with a true vertical depth of about 3,900 feet.

The NOM1H well is the first of a planned series of horizontal wells designed to test and develop oil and gas in the 100 foot thick limestone Mississippi Formation. Once the lateral portion reaches its engineered length, a period of testing and evaluation will commence.

In related news, a neighboring major independent oil company has received a permit to proceed with the drilling of its first horizontal test of the Woodford Shale in Payne County. This nearby well is engineered for a total depth of 9,177 feet with a true vertical depth of 4,300 feet. As American Petro-Hunter is planning a horizontal well into the Woodford Shale as part of our 2011 development program, the results of this neighboring well will prove instrumental towards the timing of our first horizontal efforts in the formation.

Company President Robert McIntosh stated, "The lateral turn of the drill into the horizontal phase means we are now entering the objective pay zone in the Mississippi Formation. Over the next week, drilling operations will be closely monitored by the directional drilling engineer to ensure we stay in the Mississippi for the duration of the operation. The upcoming testing phase is a critical step in the determination of our next well as we gear up for a very busy summer of drilling."