Samson O&G Updates ND Ops

Samson O&G advised that the Everett #1-15H well has landed in the middle member of the Mississippian Bakken Formation at a total vertical depth of 11,147 feet. While drilling into the middle member, significant levels of oil and gas shows were recorded. Production casing will now be run in the hole and cemented in preparation to drill the 5,500 foot horizontal lateral.

The Everett #1-15H well is located in Township 154N, Range 99W, Section 15 in Williams County, North Dakota. The Everett #1-15H well is Samson's sixth Bakken well in the North Stockyard Field. Based on the previous wells drilled by the operator, the Everett #1-15H well is expected to take approximately 17 days to drill.

Earl #1-13H (32% working interest)

The drilling of the frac isolation plugs continues to experience delays due to weather and operational issues. It has been necessary to bring in a coiled tubing unit to aid in the previously reported recovery operation. This operation commenced this morning and should enable the tubing string to be cut and then recovered. The well, which has been flowing when operationally possible, has produced approximately 9,500 bbls of oil to date.

The Earl #1-13H well is located in Township 154N, Range 99W, Section 13 in Williams County, North Dakota.