Buccaneer: Casing Ops to Commence at Kenai Loop

Buccaneer provided the following update on the progress of the Kenai Loop # 1 well:

  • Time: 9.00am (Sydney) May 18, 2011 / 3.00pm (Anchorage) May 17, 2011.
  • Depth: 10,680 feet Total Vertical Depth (“TVD”)
  • Activity: Wire-line logging operations completed. Casing set and flow testing operations are expected to commence within the next 48 hours.
  • Results: Wire-line logging has identified a total of up to 173' of gross pay in the Upper Tyonek Formation.

In the interval 9,421' to 10,680' a partial set of logs were obtained confirming a total of 137' of gross pay. Logs over the intervals that were high graded within the 9,421' to 10,680' interval as significant or very significant in an earlier release have been confirmed with wire-line logs and have been defined as Zone 1, Zone 2 and Zone 3.

Zone 1 has an upper sand of 37' of gross pay which logs have confirmed as being quality reservoir with high porosity and good permeability. This upper sand package is in the region where a "gas kick" was experienced during drilling operations. This sand is a high priority test target. There is an additional 12' of lower sand which is a lesser quality sand, but remains attractive.

Zone 2 is an additional massive sandstone zone of approximately 50' of gross pay which logs indicate has good porosity and permeability. This is a high priority test target.

Zone 3 has a confirmed 38' of gross pay which logs confirmed as having good porosity and permeability.

Further logging over the 9,421 to 10,680' interval will be completed now that casing has been set, these logging operations may reveal other promising targets not included in this update.

A full set of logs on the Upper Tyonek Formation down to 9,421' were successful. Those logs have confirmed 4 intervals totaling 36' of gross pay.

The drilling rig must be released June 1. Accordingly, all efforts are currently focused on logging, testing and completing the well within that time frame.

Massive sandstone indicates a relatively thick, uniform, not laminated, sandstone; possibly a channel type of sand with typically very good reservoir characteristics.