Precision Sets High-Temp Standards for MWD, LWD Operations

Precision Drilling has successfully operated its MWD and LWD tools in record high-temperature wellbore conditions. Precision's Hostile Environment Logging (HEL(TM)) MWD system and PrecisionLWD(TM) triple combo system operated at 375 degrees F and 347 degrees F bottomhole temperatures, respectively, providing wellbore and formation data for Newfield Exploration in south Texas.

During 12 days of drilling for Newfield on the Carrillo Conoco Fee No. 1 well in Duval County, Texas, Precision's HEL MWD system provided wellbore directional data, as well as gamma ray and bore/annular pressure, at circulating bottomhole temperatures up to 375 degrees F. A surface gyro was run and confirmed directional survey accuracy within 1 degrees.

On the Peach Creek Gas Unit No. 5 well in Wharton County, Texas, adverse hole conditions prevented wireline logging due to the risk of tools getting stuck. The PrecisionLWD system recorded gamma ray, multi-frequency resistivity and azimuthal density and thermal neutron porosity in 17.8-lb/gal oil-based mud at 347 degrees F circulating bottomhole temperature to 16,250 ft. The LWD logs were wireline-quality.

"The record-setting performance of Precision's MWD and LWD technology is a substantial step forward in the advancement of hostile environment drilling," said Bruce Darlington, Drilling Engineer for Newfield. "The MWD and LWD systems operated trouble-free and provided accurate data under extremely difficult conditions where other methods likely would have failed."

"Our engineering processes have again delivered reliable tools that have been proven in the most demanding of environments," said Rusty Petree, Vice President of Corporate Development, Technology Services for Precision. "This bodes well for delivering superior technology into the economic envelope required for the ongoing development of mature basins."