Rodinia Notes Progress in Officer Basin Seismic Program

Rodinia reported an update regarding general operations in the Officer Basin, South Australia.

2011 Drilling Update

Rig #16 of Ensign International ("Ensign") is currently mobilizing on its 2,000 kilometer journey to the Officer Basin in Rodinia's Focus Area 1. This process involves approximately 80 heavy truck loads to move the rig and the 40 person drilling camp. The rig sub frame has been completed and Ensign will be raising the derrick over the next week. Weather delays, including additional road closures, and Primary Industries and Resources South Australia ("PIRSA") certification requirements that Ensign must meet, have further delayed the initial start to Rodinia's 2011 drilling program. As a result the spud date for Rodinia's first Officer Basin well, Mulyawara 1, is now expected to occur in early June, 2011.

Focus Area 1 Phase III Seismic Program

Rodinia announced that the Officer Basin Phase III 2D seismic program on PEL 253 and the west central part of PEL 81 (South Australia) is 80% complete. This seismic program will total 2,536 kilometers and to date, 2,017 kilometers of seismic acquisition has been completed. Approximately half of the survey has been processed and is currently being interpreted. The objective of this seismic program is twofold: to better define the structures around several of Rodinia's 2011 drill targets, and to provide new seismic data in the central part of PEL 81 where no reliable data currently exists.