Emerging Technology for Hydrate Plug Remediation

Superior Energy Services and Statoil in Norway have entered into an agreement to test and qualify the CoilTAC ™ (Coil Thrust and Carry) system for hydrate plug remediation in the North Sea area, Superior President and Chief Executive Officer Terry Hall announced.

Superior's patented CoilTAC system, the first of its kind, is a direct method of extending the reach of coiled tubing for the remediation of plugged subsea pipelines.

Statoil ASA, Stavanger, Norway, adviser Keijo Kinnari said, "The CoilTAC technology has been successfully deployed for removal of waxy blockages in the Gulf of Mexico and it is evident that the technology has great potentials for hydrate plug removal in subsea production systems. To complement Statoil's work on efficient means to remove hydrate blockages it was therefore natural to launch a cooperation with Superior to qualify this emerging technology for applications in Statoil operations in the North Sea and worldwide."

CoilTAC– which minimizes the compression force on the coiled tubing – has been proven to extend upwards of five miles but is targeted to reach lengths exceeding 10 miles. This unique patented system has been successfully field tested in the Gulf of Mexico and customer demand is not only driving expansion domestically but internationally as well. CoilTAC allows for chemicals and fluids to be pumped down the pipeline while thrusting and cleaning in forward or reverse – increasing the rate of remediation.