Far East Energy Reports Shouyang Production Testing Results

Far East Energy announced the preliminary results of production testing on the SYS02, P8 and P12 pilot development test wells in the Shouyang Block. The SYS02 well is located midway between the northern and southern boundaries of the block and is approximately 20 kilometers south of the 1H production area. It is producing from a depth of 1274 meters which is several hundred meters deeper than the Company's wells in the northern portion of the block. Initial calculations indicate the Company has again found high permeability in the #15 coal seam, and that the high permeability observed at shallower depths also exists well down-structure at much greater depths.

The P8 is 12 kilometers due east of the 1H area. Preliminary production tests at the P8 also indicate high permeability. The P12 pilot development test well is located approximately 22 kilometers southeast of the 1H area and is producing between 35 and 60 Mcfpd, with indications of high permeability. If these preliminary high permeability results are maintained in the SYS02, P8, and P12, then this will indicate that the entire upper half of the block (approximately 980 square kilometers or 242,500 acres) may have high permeability and be potentially commercial.

In addition, drilling activities of pilot development test wells P18, and SYS05 are proceeding. These wells represent test wells reaching out as far to the east and south as the Company has drilled to date. The SYS05 well is located well into in the lower half of the block, approximately 14 kilometers south and 22 kilometers east of the SYS02 and 35 kilometers south of the producing 1H area. Pilot development test well P18 well is located 26 kilometers southeast of the 1H area, in the far eastern area of the block. These wells will give the Company an expanded look at the permeability of the #15 coal seam at a significant distance from the present producing area and well beyond the recently drilled SYS02 and P12 wells. These test wells will provide valuable information regarding the prevailing permeability in a previously-untested significant portion of the Shouyang Block.

As announced on May 4th, the Company is connecting 14 previously drilled wells to its gathering system. In addition, 3 wells currently being drilled, and 9 wells with locations prepared for drilling, will be connected. This will add a total of 26 additional wells to our original gathering system, bringing the total number of wells tied to the gathering system to 56.