Pipeline Links Alamo Wells into Delta System

Alamo Energy Corp. reported Thursday that following the acquisition of a 23-mile pipeline, Alamo believes it is well positioned to supply the mainstream gas market.

Alamo's strategic pipeline ties its 71 wells into the Delta pipeline system. Built with an original capacity of 9,000,000 cubic feet per day with the additional possibility of expansion, Alamo's management believes the pipeline provides Alamo with an important strategic asset for the area and allows for the possibility of revenue generation through transportation of gas from other producers.

The pipeline is structured to allow for easy tie-ins of new wells on Alamo's acreage which we believe allows for 131 additional wells on 20-acre spacing.

Allan Millmaker, Chief Executive Officer, commented: "The pipeline infrastructure and design allows for new wells on our acreage to be online quickly at relatively little cost. We also have the additional opportunity of creating a revenue stream from transporting gas for others through our pipeline."

The KYTX group of companies are wholly owned subsidiaries of Alamo Energy Corp and are located in Knox County, Kentucky in the Appalachian basin. The companies are KYTX Oil & Gas, KYTX Pipeline, and KYTX Drilling Company. Together, they contain 71 wells located on 4,040 acres, a 23-mile strategic pipeline network capable of handling up to 9,000,000 mcf connected into the Delta system and one drilling rig, one service rig and associated well-servicing equipment.

Headquartered in London, England and with operational offices in Houston, Texas, Alamo Energy Corp. is an independent company focused on the exploration, development and production of onshore oil and gas reserves in the United Kingdom and United States. The company's UK exploration program is focused on four blocks spread over 400 square kilometers in an onshore oil and gas province in South East England. Alamo's U.S. operations are focused on the development of assets in Texas, Kentucky, Tennessee and West Virginia.