American Petro-Hunter Brings Okla. Wells on Production

American Petro-Hunter, Inc. has brought both of its newest wells on pump at two separate North Oklahoma Project locations.

Pump equipment has been successfully installed at the NOS122 well site and has begun a test phase. Prior to installation, the well
"free-flowed" oil to the test tank. Previous swab tests resulted in high gravity oil of 100% oil cut with no water from 6 feet of pay.
Initial test results look excellent and American Petro-Hunter is anticipating a strong producer.

The well will continue to be evaluated over a period of weeks in order to identify initial production rates and ultimately to
determine stable production rates projected over time. The tank battery and full production facilities are under construction. The
Company has a minimum of 3 additional offsets to the NOS122 for future development and site engineering has been designed to
accommodate future production requirements.

The second location to go on pump this week was at the NOS227 well site. Following a "multi-stage surge frack," where multiple
injections of liquefied frack sand "proppants" were forced under high pressure into the Mississippi pay zone, the stimulation process
successfully fractured the limestone reservoir allowing for an anticipated increase in the flow of oil. In readiness for commercial
production, the pumping unit, rods and tubing have already been installed at NOS227. Over the next 12-15 days the frack load will be
pumped off allowing the oil to commence flowing freely.

American Petro-Hunter has a 50% interest in both wells and production from the NOS122 and NOS227 will be sold alongside output from the No. 1 and NOJ26 wells to Sunoco, the regional purchaser. The latest achievements will increase the Company's revenue advantage to 4 producing wells in Oklahoma and two in Kansas.

About American Petro-Hunter, Inc.
The Company is a goal-oriented exploration and production (E&P) Company aiming to become an intermediate level oil and gas producer within 12 months. The Company is in production at the Poston Project in Trego County, Kansas and the North Oklahoma Project.