TAM Targets Multi-stage Frac Market

TAM International, Inc., an independent oilfield service company providing inflatable and swellable packers, has formed a new company, TAM Completion Systems, Inc., to provide integrated completion solutions.

The system includes TAM FREECAP swellable packers, liner top packers, frac sleeves and related accessory items.

Jack Newberry, vice president, U.S. and Latin America at TAM International, will run the new wholly owned subsidiary. Newberry will retain his current title and will have added responsibilities with the new company.

TAM International has been supplying FREECAP swellable packers to the shale operators for years with great success, Bentley Sanford, president of TAM International said. TAM Completion Systems provides a vehicle to develop and provide a full-service solution for the growing multi-stage frac market.

The key to a successful multistage frac is assuring proper zonal isolation. TAM, providing inflatable and swellable packers, has a strong track record in this market. Initially TAM will use its own packers and service tools, while using the best options for other equipment needed.

TAM Completion Systems will service TAM Internationals existing customer base and expects to gain market share by serving those customers who prefer to purchase a complete lower completion solution.

TAM Completion Systems expects significant growth as we build the business capabilities in the United States and internationally, Newberry said. By creating a new organization to pursue this exciting, high-growth market, we will be able to increase TAM product sales while providing additional value-added services to our customers.

TAM Completion Systems will be located in a recently acquired building across from TAM Internationals Houston headquarters. The building is currently being renovated for the new company and for several other TAM departments, and it should be complete in July 2011.