FairfieldNodal Assists Apache Tame Alaskan Challenge

FairfieldNodal announced the successful employment of ZLand and Z700 cable-freeequipment on an Apache Corporation seismic test survey in the extremely challenging onshore and shallow-water region of Cook Inlet, Alaska.

Due to restrictive state and federal permits, the test took place on a condensed timeline from mid-March to early April of this year. Unpredictable ice and ground conditions in the area put additional demands on the operations.

Apache contracted NES to organize and test a variety of seismic recording and source systems to determine optimum equipment and acquisition parameters for potential future exploration over their lease holdings in the area.

FairfieldNodal contributed to the test by organizing and assembling its own true cable-free ZLand and Z700 recording systems, and installing a Z700 deployment/retrieval system on a local vessel. For the limited test, FairfieldNodal supplied 725 ZLand nodes and 200 Z700 nodes, plus support and operations personnel.

Operationally, FairfieldNodal components and support performed nearly flawlessly, a tribute to the team's efficient organization as well as the suitability of both ZLand and Z700 equipment for work in harsh environments; in this case, one of the world's most challenging regions for seismic operations.