Frac Plugging Op Underway at Samson's Earl Well

Samson O&G advised that operations on the Earl #1-13H to drill out the 19 frac plugs is underway. This operation, which commenced last week, has been hampered by difficult weather conditions, by the stand down of the rig crew for Easter and by equipment breakdowns. The operation is now back on track, however and the first of the nineteen plugs had been drilled as of 0700 hours CST this morning.

Prior to the first plug being drilled, the oil rate from the well for the previous 24 hours was 292 BOPD. After the first plug was drilled, the rate was measured at 960 BOPD over a two hour period, prior to commencing the drill out of the second plug. Neither of these rates is considered to be a conclusive indicator of the well's initial production performance, as this can only be determined once all of the plugs have been removed. Samson is, however, encouraged by the marked increase in the oil rate from just one of the nineteen plugs being removed.