BP Starts First Water Injection at Valhall

On January 24th the first injection started on the Valhall water injection platform (WIP) in the Norwegian Sector of the North Sea. A former producer well on the adjacent well head platform is used as injector. The current level of injection is 25 000 barrels/day.

This is the culmination of two weeks of very important achievements on Valhall WIP. It started on 11th January with powering up of Flank North from WIP, followed by drilling start up and powering up of Flank South a couple of days later.

The Valhall drilling platform (DP) was supplied with power from WIP last Thursday and finally, water injection was started Saturday night.

"Although there is still more work to finish up on the WIP platform for the project team, we are now doing what we are supposed to do from the WIP - drilling wells and injecting water into the ground to enhance Valhall production",says Jon Hafsmo Head of Southern Area Developments. Most of the remaining work is non-critical, and this will be planned to fit with the other activities on Valhall and executed over the next few months as bed capacity and overall activity level permit