Treaty Purchases 2 Producing Leases in Tx.

Treaty Energy has acquired two additional leases in Texas, the SHOTWELL W. F. and the SHOTWELL "C" leases.

Treaty indicated that production on these leases is currently 4.18 barrels of oil per day. These leases require no work over and were purchased for their current production value, but more important to Treaty Energy is the additional 30 virgin well drilling sites which will be added to the list of wells that Treaty's new Failing 1500 CF Drilling Rig will start drilling when permits are granted to do so. Private financing to fund the drilling had been arranged prior to the acquisition of the Failing Drilling Rig.

Stephen L. York, Treaty Energy's Vice President of Acquisitions and Operations, stated, "These leases are two of the most advanced small leases in the Country. Scientific evaluations have been done as an experiment to see what can be achieved with a maximum effort and scientific approach. Fluid levels have been 'shot,' water flooding plains logged, and geology available."

Mr. York stated further, "The upside to this acquisition is that Treaty now has an additional 138 acres to drill on, which represents 30 or more virgin well sites."

Treaty Energy's CEO and Chairman, Andrew V. Reid, stated, "I am very pleased with the progress Steve is making on the development of Treaty Energy's rapidly growing base of leases and production of oil in Texas."

Treaty indicated that it will follow with an SEC Form 8-K on a timely basis, which will include all aspects of this purchase.