Maverick Completes Acreage Acquisition at Boling Dome

Maverick Drilling has completed closing on the acquisition of an additional 850 net acres on Blue Ridge Dome and 740 net acres on the Boling Dome. The net effect of these are an increase from the original 838 net acres held at listing to a current position of approximately 4,100 net acres held on the two domes.

On Blue Ridge Dome, this reflects more than a 100% increase in net leasehold acreage from Maverick's original holdings at listing in September 2010. The acreage is a combination of outer band acquisition adjoining the company's existing acreage and additions to inner fairway holdings.

On Boling Dome, the additions of approximately 740 net acres reflect an increase of 46% from Maverick's original acquisition of 1,625 net acres in September 2010 following listing. These new acquisitions are within the confines of the defined Boiling Dome field, and have had previous drilling success in past decades.