Santos' Moomba Production Complex Shut In After Blast

Crude oil production remains shut in at Santos' South Australian onshore Moomba complex after an explosion at a pumping station killed one worker.

Santos reported that South Australian oil production, usually around 8,000 barrels per day, remains shut in.

The Moomba complex was currently producing at about 85 percent of normal capacity but the incident had not effected gas production of around 700 terrajoules per day gross.

The supply of ethane recommenced on June 19 and is currently running around 500 to 700 tons per day, which is between 60 and 70 percent of normal levels. Also, production of condensate was at normal levels of some 10,000 barrels per day gross and was being directed into storage facilities.

About 50 percent of daily condensate production was being trucked to the Jackson facility in southwest Queensland for transport to Brisbane through the Jackson-Moonie-Brisbane pipeline. Liquefied petroleum gas production, typically 1,300 tons a day, is being redirected into sales gas or flared.

Progress is being made on the installation of alternative pumping facilities to allow for the export of oil and condensate to Port Bonython through the Moomba-Port Bonython pipeline, however, no date for recommencement of operations has been set.