Amity Oil Has Completed its Whicher Range 5 Well

Amity Oil says it has finalized all casing operations, installed the well head and released the rig at the Whicher Range 5 well. The well has been suspended as a potential gas producer. The forward program will be to integrate and evaluate the data collected and plan for a fracture stimulation program if ongoing studies indicate that it will give a sustainable commercial flow.

The Whicher Range Gas Field is located onshore, approximately 200 kilometers south of the city of Perth, Western Australia and 22 kilometres south of the city of Busselton in Petroleum Exploration Permit EP 408. The favorable location of the field, about 35 kilometers south-west of the southern end of the main gas pipeline from the North-West Shelf, means it can compete on price and transport tariff with gas from the North-West-Shelf. A gas supply from Whicher Range would be strategically advantageous for Perth and the South-West, by reducing dependence on the long single pipeline from the North-West-Shelf.

Amity Oil owns a 47.957% stake and is the operator; Korea National Oil Corporation owns 20.000% and Seoul City Gas Company Limited owns15.000%; and GeoPetro Resources Company owns the remaining 17.043%.