Petro Vista Reaches TD at Morichito Well

Petro Vista announced that the Morichito-5B well in Colombia has reached total depth and production casing is being run to evaluate oil and gas shows encountered in the Tertiary Carbonera and Mirador and Cretaceous Guadalupe, Gacheta, and Ubaque formations.

This Morichito-5B was drilled from the Company's original M-5 (2010 discovery) drilling pad and deviated approximately 1200 feet to the southwest of the original well. The well was drilled to a total depth of 6855 feet in the Paleozoic. During drilling mud-log shows were encountered in the Carbonera C7, Mirador, Guadalupe, Gacheta, and Ubaque formations. Subsequent petrophysical analysis of electric logs indicated multiple potential pay zones.

The Carbonera C7 zone is equivalent to and six feet structurally high to the 5900 foot zone in the Morichito M-5 well which swabbed at a rate of 375 barrels of oil per day of 23 degree API oil with no water cut (see news release dated March 25, 2010).

A decision has been taken with partners Green Power Corporation and Golden Oil Corp. to run 7" production casing and test at least two zones. The Company expects testing to commence approximately May 1st and take 15-20 days to complete. Assuming success and the receipt of necessary permits, this well will be placed on a long-term production test along with the existing M5 discovery well on which a work-over rig is being mobilized with testing to commence approximately April 28.

The Morichito-5B well was drilled as a deeper pool wildcat and fulfills the company's Phase V contract commitment with the Colombian National Hydrocarbon Agency (ANH).