Breezer Initiates Re-Opening of Jackson Lease Well

Breezer has initiated the re-opening of well #6 of the Jackson lease which is the Company's first well, of an accumulation of ten oil and gas wells which are specified for a complete rehabilitation and production development program, based in West Texas.

The initial work to re-open this well is almost complete as the field operator, Whitt Oil and Gas, has reached the last cement plug to be drilled before reaching the Moran Sand. The project managers and field operators advised, "They expect to drill into the prolific Moran Sand sometime today or tomorrow." Then they will continue to deepen the former Magnolia/Mobil Oil well #6 into the Moran Sand and Moran Lime.

The Jackson lease was the heart of the old Magnolia/Mobil Oil Red Horse Field first discovered in 1961. Two separate engineering reports indicate that there were significant oil and gas reserves to be developed from the original formation as well as from a deeper segment within the Moran Sands and Moran Lime. The field operator and project manager have expressed optimism at what results they expect from the deeper portion of the formation. The well is on the highest structural position of the Moran Sand and Moran Lime situated on the 870 acre lease and this should prove to be very prolific.

Breezer Ventures has 10 existing and plugged oil and gas wells on the Jackson lease that are currently in for rehabilitation and reactivation on the Jackson Lease, which contains 870 acres, is situated on the western side of the Bend Arch of the Fort Worth Basin. The lease is situated 5 miles north of Baird, Texas.