Reef Reaches TD at Ausable Well

Reef Resources reported that drilling of its Ausable # 5 well reached total depth of 615 meters on March 29. A total of 4 cores were taken over a depth of 32 meters with overall good recoveries. Oil staining was observed on the core sample which is currently being analyzed with results to be released in the near future. Data from the core samples will provide information on cap rock integrity and will be utilized, in addition to existing 3D seismic data, to pinpoint further drilling targets for future horizontal wells in the Ausable pinnacle reef.

The Ausable # 5 wellbore is being logged to identify the intersected hydrocarbon zones in the Ausable reef at this location. Results will be analyzed and released as soon as it is available.

The Ausable reef is currently on production and is generating revenue from the initial Enhanced Oil Recovery Natural Gas Recycling program which commenced in 4th quarter 2010.

Executive Director of Solo, Neil Ritson commented, "The presence of oil on the cores is considerable encouragement that we will be able to commercially produce this well while we awaiting the further planned development of the EOR scheme by Reef later this year."